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Student Surveys

Spring 2017 Fielding of the National Survey of Student Engagement

NSSE is a national survey that lets us collect information on the student experience so we can compare our students’ experiences with those of students at other universities.

Feedback collected in this survey provides the university with invaluable data for its planning and development efforts.  Feedback from prior NSSE surveys identified the need for more resources for academic and career advising and led to other student-focused improvements.

APIR plans to provide major-specific summaries and data that departments can use for assessment, program reviews, and other evaluative practices.  This data will be available sometime in Fall 2017.

Freshmen and Seniors were asked the following questions during the 2017 NSSE:

Main Survey

Development of Transferable Skills Module

AAU Consortium Questions
Key findings from NSSE 2014:

  • 90% of our seniors report having participated in one or more high impact practices, such as research with a faculty member, participation in a learning community, culminating senior experience, service learning course, internship, and study abroad.
  • About 50% of our freshmen report having participated in research with a faculty member, learning community, or service learning course.
  • 92% of freshmen and 94% of seniors rate their overall experience at UW-Madison as excellent or very good, significantly more than students at our peer institutions
  • Our students spend about 18 hours per week preparing for class, significantly more time than students at our peer institutions, but not as much as the two hours out-of-class per hour-in-class that is the higher education standard.
  • Over 90% of our seniors report that their experience at UW-Madison has contributed quite a bit or very much to their knowledge, skills and personal development in thinking critically and analytically.
  • Over 70% report UW-Madison contributed quite a bit or very much to working effectively with others, writing clearly and effectively, and analyzing numerical and statistical information.
  • Compared to our peers, our students spend less time in discussions with people of a race or ethnicity different from their own
  • UW-Madison students report taking fewer service learning courses than our peers

How do I get access to my program data and reports?

  • We anticipate data from the 2017 NSSE will be available in September 2017.
  • Click on NSSE 2014 tab below for reports by school/college and by key demographic variables.
  • For access to 2014 survey data for your program contact Margaret Harrigan.
  • For requests for special analyses of the 2014 survey data contact Jocelyn Milner.