University of Wisconsin–Madison


2017 National Survey of Student Engagement

NSSE is a national survey that lets us collect information on the student experience so we can compare our students’ experiences with those of students at other universities.  UW-Madison fielded the Spring 2017 NSSE to all new freshmen and seniors.

Feedback collected in this survey provides the university with valuable data that can be used to understand and improve the student experience.  Feedback from prior NSSE surveys identified the need for more resources for academic and career advising and led to other student-focused improvements.

Where we have sufficient responses we will provide major-specific summaries and data that departments can use for assessment, program reviews, and other evaluative practices.  These data will be available in Fall 2017.

2017 NSSE questions: Main Survey, Development of Transferable Skills Module, AAU Consortium Questions

For more information contact Margaret Harrigan or Jocelyn Milner.