Degree and Certificate Trends


Degrees by Degree Level and Major (Head Count)

  • Interactive Tableau Visualization of degree trends and program-level counts (Tableau)
  • Degrees Awarded by Fiscal Year, 1848-2019 (Annually since 1921): (Table / Chart)

Excel and PDF Files of data available in the Tableau Visualization

  • Bachelors Degrees Conferred, by Major, 2010-2019 (PDF)
  • Masters Degrees Conferred, by Major, 2010-2019 (PDF)
  • Research Doctoral Degrees Conferred,by Major, 2010-2019 (PDF)
  • Clinical Doctorate Degrees Conferred, by Major, 2010-2019 (PDF)
  • Degrees Conferred by Level, Combined File, by Major, 2010-2019 (PDF / Excel)

Degrees by Disciplinary Division

  • Degrees by Disciplinary Division, 2010-2019 (PDF)

Size Distribution of Majors, by Number of Degrees Conferred

  • Size Distribution of Academic Majors, 2014 (PDF)
  • Bachelor’s Degree Majors, 1979-2012: (Excel File)
  • Comparison of Bachelor’s Degree Trends by Major by Count of Degree Majors and FTE, 2000-2009 (PDF)

Trends in Certificate Awards

  • Interactive Tableau Visualization of certificate trends and program-level counts (Tableau)
  • Certificates awarded to Undergraduate and Special Students, 2010-2019 (PDF)
  • Certificates awarded to Graduate and Professional Students, 2010-2019 (PDF)
  • Capstone Certificates Awarded, 2010-2019 (PDF)

Low Degree Majors and Low Award Certificates

Special Topics

Progress-to-Degree and Multiple Awards Reports

  • Trends in Major and Certificates per Degree, 2013 (PowerPoint)
  • Trends in Curricular Exceptions in L&S Academic Programs (PDF) – a report from Academic Information Management, a division of L&S Student Academic Affairs.
  • Multiple Majors in 2012-13 – A one-page summary of the most common majors and major combinations among students who complete more than one major with their degree.
  • Progress-to-Degree Measures – A one-page summary of undergraduate progress-to-degree measures including the most recent retention, graduation, and time-to-degree metrics.
  • Progress-to-Degree Presentation – A presentation containing information on undergraduate time-to-degree, graduation rates, and peer comparison data for majors and the overall institution.
  • Number of Degrees and Average Time-to-Degree by Program (including peer comparisons for time-to-degree), Fall 2013

2006 Program Array Studies

– Paper prepared for the University Academic Planning Council