New Freshmen

Trends in Applications, Admissions, and Enrollment

Analyses and Data Visualizations of New Freshman-related Issues

New Freshman Pipeline Analyses

New Freshmen and Advanced Placement Testing

New Transfers

Trends in Applications, Admissions, and Enrollment

Transfer and Articulation Agreements

  • UW System and Board of Regent’s Transfer Policy
  • Wisconsin Transfer Information System (TIS) – a central repository of information for students seeking to transfer among public colleges and universities in Wisconsin, including detailed information on course transfer equivalency
  • Guaranteed Transfer Agreement with UW Colleges – a UW System-wide agreement to facilitate transfer between the UW Colleges and other UW institutions.
  • Articulation Agreement: UW System Collaborative Nursing Program [BSN@Home] agreement with Wisconsin Technical College System (August 2010) Document Text

Committee on the Transfer Student Experience (CTSE)

Final Report, Spring 2004

Supporting Materials, Reports, and Analyses

[*Materials given to the CTSE as the Committee began its work. **Reports or analyses prepared for CTSE.]

Some Subcommittee Reports

  • Preparing for Transfer – Communication with Potential Transfer Students and Their Advisors. Point-person: Jo Meier. Report
  • Preparing for Transfer – Communication among Admissions, the Schools and Colleges, Programs, Departments, Faculty, and Other Campus Groups. Point-person: Jocelyn Milner. Report