Academic Planning and Institutional Research compiles official degree numbers for the University.  Updated tabulations of degree and certificates awarded are made available each year in the late Fall.  The tabs below allow you to navigate our analyses of degree trends, certificate trends, low-enrollment majors and certificates, and other reports of interest.

An interactive Tableau visualization of trends in degrees; degree recipient demographics; and completed majors, named options, certificates, doctoral minors, and honors, is available here:


Degrees by Degree Level and Major (Head Count)

  • Interactive Tableau Visualization of degree trends and program-level counts (Tableau)
  • Degrees Awarded by Fiscal Year, 1848-2016 (Annually since 1921): (Table / Chart)

Excel and PDF Files of data available in the Tableau Visualization

  • Bachelors Degrees Conferred, by Major, 2007-2016 (PDF)
  • Masters Degrees Conferred, by Major, 2007-2016 (PDF)
  • Research Doctoral Degrees Conferred,by Major, 2007-2016 (PDF)
  • Clinical Doctorate Degrees Conferred, by Major, 2007-2016 (PDF)
  • Degrees Conferred by Level, Combined File, by Major, 2007-2016 (PDF / Excel)
  • Bachelor's Degree Majors, 1979-2012: (Excel File)

Degrees by Disciplinary Division

  • Degrees by Disciplinary Division, 2007-2016 (PDF)
  • Graduate Degrees by Disciplinary Division, 1991 to 2008 (PDF)

Size Distribution of Majors, by Number of Degrees Conferred

  • Size Distribution of Academic Majors, 2014 (PDF)
  • Comparison of Bachelor's Degree Trends by Major by Count of Degree Majors and FTE, 2000-2009 (PDF)


    Trends in Certificate Awards

    • Interactive Tableau Visualization of certificate trends and program-level counts (Tableau)
    • Certificates awarded to Undergraduate and Special Students, 2007-2016 (PDF)
    • Certificates awarded to Graduate and Professional Students, 2007-2016 (PDF)
    • Capstone Certificates Awarded, 2007-2016 (PDF)


    Low Degree-Producing Majors and Certificates


    Special Topics

    Progress-to-Degree and Multiple Awards Reports

    • Trends in Major and Certificates per Degree, 2013 (PowerPoint)
    • Trends in Curricular Exceptions in L&S Academic Programs (PDF) - a report from Academic Information Management, a division of L&S Student Academic Affairs.
    • Multiple Majors in 2012-13 - A one-page summary of the most common majors and major combinations among students who complete more than one major with their degree.
    • Progress-to-Degree Measures - A one-page summary of undergraduate progress-to-degree measures including the most recent retention, graduation, and time-to-degree metrics.
    • Progress-to-Degree Presentation - A presentation containing information on undergraduate time-to-degree, graduation rates, and peer comparison data for majors and the overall institution.
    • Number of Degrees and Average Time-to-Degree by Program (including peer comparisons for time-to-degree), Fall 2013

    2006 Program Array Studies

    - Paper prepared for the University Academic Planning Council





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