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Department Planning Profiles

Three ways to access Department Planning Profiles:

1. Use the MS-Excel spreadsheet below.

2. Directly access the Department Planning Profiles tables in the InfoAccess data warehouse. The data view documentation, which provides definitions of the data contained within the profiles, can be accessed here.  For more information about InfoAccess, see the InfoAccess home page.

3. Ask us to provide specialized reports or ask for tutorial on how to use this resource. E-mail us at for assistance.

Current File Versions –  data from FY 1990 through FY 2016

Access to the files is limited to UW-Madison employees and requires a NetID and password log in.

All Departments FY90-FY16
-MS-Excel 2013 format; uses slicers to filter the data for unit or metric of interest.

*Credit data for Spring 2016 is not included in the file due to a data inconsistency. Please contact us at to obtain this information.

Contact us at if you have trouble with file format or if you would like a previous version.

Information about the Department Planning Profiles

The Department Planning Profiles were originally developed in 1984 by the College of Letters & Science. They were later expanded to include departments in the other schools and colleges, as a result of a joint project between Academic Planning and Institutional Research, the Madison Budget Office, and the College of Letters and Science.

*Planning for a new profile system to replace this system is in progress

Crosswalk Tables
– A list of the UW-Madison academic (credit-generating) departments
– A list showing how each course Subject Listing is assigned to an academic department (UDDS)
– A list showing how each academic major program is assigned to an academic department (UDDS)
– A list showing academic departments and assigned academic programs and course subject listings
– A list showing the divisional affiliations of departments
– A list showing how historical trend lines are maintained for departments that moved into another school or college, and departments that either merged or split
– A list showing how some subdepartments have been consolidated and/or remapped into new UDDS values, for purposes of the department planning profiles