University of Wisconsin–Madison

Crosswalk and Look-Up Tables

Crosswalk tables are an essential tool in analysis to link together a range of academic units and structures that are not otherwise linked.  Academic departments for a structure for allocation of fiscal resources and appointments of faculty and staff.  Subject listings are the organizing structure for the delivery of courses.  Academic programs are the structure for student enrollments.  

These academic structures are also associated with different taxonomies, including UW-Madison’s four disciplinary divisions (arts and humanities, biological sciences, social studies, physical sciences) and with the US Department of Education’s CIP code taxonomy.  

Crosswalk tables let us link these various structures and the activities that go along with them so as to make information more useful to users. 

Discipline Area Assignments for Departments

This Excel file contains a list of UW-Madison academic departments showing the discipline area (e.g. humanities, physical science, etc.) assigned to each of those departments. The table also shows how some departments are assigned to different discipline areas in different reporting systems.

Academic Plan Attributes Table

Academic Planning and Institutional Research maintains the Academic Plan Attributes Table, available through the InfoAccess Data Warehouse.  This table provides several attributes about plans, such as the academic department where the plan is housed and administered, and the broader disciplinary categories the plan belongs to. The Provost’s Office, the Office of the Registrar and the UW System Administration share responsibility for designating many of the attributes included in this table. The table can be used to link former plans  This table is limited to majors, certificates, capstone certificates, and specialization certificates. Minors and teaching certificates are not included. All major plans active at any time since Summer 1985 are included. All certificates plans active at any time since Spring 2000 are included.

Subject Attributes Table

APIR maintains a crosswalk table that links course Subject listings to the academic department or unit that “owns”, in an academic sense, the courses and instructional activity conducted in that Subject listing. The name of the InfoAccess table that contains this information is Stdnt_Subject_Codes.