Common Data Set and Rankings

Academic Planning and Institutional Research serves as the primary contact for most national and international publishers and organizations that publish college guidebooks or rank institutions of higher education using various metrics.

APIR posts a Common Data Set, our U.S. News and World Report submissions, and other submissions of interest.  For questions about this content, or to reach the survey contact within our office, please e-mail Sara Lazenby for assistance.

Current Year of Common Data Set and Submissions

UW-Madison 2020 CDS – Fall 2019 information is reported

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Common Data Set (Prior Years)

Publisher’s Common Data Set

UW-Madison 2019 CDS – Fall 2018 information is reported

UW-Madison 2018 CDS – Fall 2017 information is reported

UW-Madison 2017 CDS – Fall 2016 information is reported

UW-Madison 2016 CDS – Fall 2015 information is reported.

UW-Madison 2015 CDS – Fall 2014 information is reported.

UW-Madison 2014 CDS – Fall 2013 information is reported.

UW-Madison 2013 CDS – Fall 2012 information is reported.

UW-Madison 2012 CDS – Fall 2011 information is reported.

UW-Madison 2011 CDS – Fall 2010 information is reported.

UW-Madison 2010 CDS – Fall 2009 information is reported.

UW-Madison 2009 CDS – Fall 2008 information is reported.

UW-Madison 2008 CDS – Fall 2007 information is reported.

UW-Madison 2007 CDS – Fall 2006 information is reported.

UW-Madison 2006 CDS – Fall 2005 information is reported.

UW-Madison 2005 CDS – Fall 2004 information is reported.

UW-Madison 2004 CDS – Fall 2003 information is reported.

UW-Madison 2003 CDS – Fall 2002 information is reported.

UW-Madison 2002 CDS – Fall 2001 information is reported, except for Section H. Financial Aid (2000-01 data) and the section on Academic Majors (not completed).

UW-Madison 2001 CDS – Fall 1999 enrollment and financial aid information are provided in the survey. Otherwise, the Fall 2000 information is reported.

The “common data set” (CDS) is a survey distributed by Princeton Review, Kaplan, Newsweek, Peterson’s, and US News and World Report. This common set of questions is used by these publishers in their college guidebooks and ranking analyses. In addition, each publisher collects additional data from our campus. Answers to many commonly asked questions are in the CDS.

U.S. News & World Report (Prior Years)

US News and World Report “Best Colleges” Survey

US News 2013: Main Survey, Financial Aid
US News 2013: Finance Survey

US News 2012: Main Survey, Financial Aid
US News 2012: Finance Survey

US News 2011: Main Survey, Financial Aid
US News 2011: Finance Survey

US News 2010: Main Survey,Financial Aid
US News 2010: Finance Survey

US News 2009: Main Survey,Financial Aid
US News 2009: Finance Survey

US News 2008: Main Survey,Financial Aid
US News 2008: Finance Survey

US News 2007: Main Survey,Financial Aid
US News 2007: Finance Survey

US News 2006: Main Survey,Financial Aid
US News 2006: Finance Survey

US News 2005: Main Survey, Financial Aid
US News 2005: Finance Survey

US News 2004 Main Survey: Part A, Part B
US News 2004: Finance Survey

US News 2003 Main Survey: Part A, Part B
US News 2003: Finance Survey

US News 2002: Main Survey
US News 2002: Finance Survey

US News 2001: Main Survey
US News 2001: Finance Survey

Other Publisher's Rankings (Prior Years)

Times Higher Ed Global Institutional Profiles Submission

2011 Data Submission (submitted May 2013)

2010 Data Submission (submitted May 2012)

2009 Data Submission (Submitted May 2011)