Carnegie Community Engagement Classification

2014 Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement

In December 2008,UW-Madison was awarded Community Engagement classification status by the Carnegie Foundation:

Learn more about this important Carnegie Foundation Classification
To maintain that classification beyond the end of 2014, our campus submitted an application by April 15, 2014 to the Carnegie Foundation to sustain our classification as a Community Engaged Campus.

2014 Application Materials
Final submission Document Reporting Form
Final submission Partnership Grid
Supporting Documents:
Chancellor Blank speech to Faculty Senate
Outreach Snapshot
Guidelines for Promotion to Full Professor, College of Engineering (Draft 2014)
2013 Honors and Awards
Alumni Affinity Study
Service Learning Survey, Fall 2009

2014 Project Timeline
Spring 2013 – Carnegie announces invitation for renewal of application
June 2013 – UW-Madison ad hoc committee was appointed to gather and catalog documents and complete online application
June 30, 2013 – Due date to signal plan to apply for renewal of the classification
April 15, 2014- 2014 application for renewal of UW-Madison’s classification
January 2015- Announcement that 2014 Carnegie Community Engagement classification was awarded

2014 Project Team
Provost Paul DeLuca appointed an ad hoc committee in June 2013 to gather, catalog and document our interactions with the broader community and complete the on-line application. A smaller writing committee worked on the 51 application questions throughout the fall and winter with help from committee members and scores of others whose work is focused on the Wisconsin Idea.
Ad-hoc committee co-chair: Nancy Matthews, Director, Morgridge Center
Project co-sponsors: Jeffrey Russell, Vice Provost for Lifelong Learning and Dean of Continuing Studies; Katy Duren, Associate Dean, Division of Continuing Studies
Project and Document Leads: Don Woolston, Division of Continuing Studies (primary contact)
Document co-writers: Sarah Schutt, Wisconsin Alumni Association & Megan Miller, Morgridge Center

2008 Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement

In December 2008, UW-Madison was awarded Community Engagement classification status by the Carnegie Foundation.
Learn more about this important Carnegie Foundation Classification.
The Community Engagement classification is an elective classification that is awarded based on review of an application.

UW-Madison’s 2008 application materials:

Final Submission Document Reporting Form
Final Submission Partnership Grid
Additional detail for selected questions
I.A.1. Mission and vision
I.A.2. Awards and celebrations
I.A.3.a. UW-Madison/UW-Extension Relationship
I.A.4. Marketing materials and publications
I.B.2.a. Budget allocations
I.B.4. Strategic planning
I.B.6. Community “voice” and boards of visitors
Suppl. 2. a. Tenure guidelines
II.B.1. Outreach programs for the community
II.B.2. Institutional resources provided as outreach to the community

2008 Project Timeline:

– Carnegie issued an invitation to institutions in January 2008
– UW-Madison response core team was established in March 2008
– The application process opened on April 1, 2008
– The core team conducted interviews and developmented a first draft, April and May
– The first draft was finished on May 30 and circulated for review and comment from June 4-20
– Comments were used to make revisions through late June and early July
– The final draft was finished July 12 and was available to the campus community for review and comment from July 12-25
– The application was completed by August 4, 2008 and polished for final submission on August 29, 2008
– The Carnegie Foundation notified UW-Madison that that it was awarded Community Engagement status on December 18, 2008

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2008 Carnegie Community Engagement Team

A core team to pilot UW-Madison’s application was established in March 2008 to respond to Carnegie Foundation’s Call for Participation. The application for Community Engagement classification also served as the basis for a section of UW-Madison’s reaccreditation self-study.

Project Co-Sponsor: Aaron Brower, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning,
Co-Sponsor and Document Lead: Jocelyn Milner, Director of Academic Planning and Institutional Research (Primary Contact)
Project Coordinator: Don Schutt, Director of Human Resource Development
Project Co-Coordinator: Mathilde Andrejko, The Reaccreditation Project