University of Wisconsin–Madison

Academic Structure

The academic structure is the sole source of such information on this campus. SIS is the system of record and SIS, or CAOS or InfoAccess data views will serve as the electronic source of this information. The academic structure is a representation of academic actions approved through governance.

  •  It makes it clear who is responsible for what.
  •  The academic structure is how academics are linked to budgeting.
  •  This is a large complex institution that depends on data systems to manage its activities without a defined academic structure managing the academic enterprise would be difficult, time consuming and expensive.
  • the definition of each piece of the structure has a foundation in the Board of Regent’s Policy, Faculty Policy and Procedures, accreditation
  • There is a single source of truth for the academic structure. Responsibility for maintaining the academic structure in the single source of truth is shared by APIR and the Office of the Registrar.
  • Organization
    – Level 1 Career
    – Level 2 Schools and Colleges
    – Level 3 Departments

    Academic Offerings
    -Level 4 Plans (degree/majors, certificates, educator certifications, honors programs)
    – Level 5 Subplans (named options, honors in the major)
    – Level 6 Degrees
    – Level 7 Subject Listings

    Supporting Tables
    – Academic Programs
    – Academic Plan Owner

    One page document with definitions and data sources

    Presentation about the Academic Structure

    Schools and Colleges
    click on each to view a list of the departments with the academic offerings associated with them

    updated September 10, 2017

    College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
    College of Engineering
    College of Letters and Science
    Law School
    School of Business
    School of Education
    School of Human Ecology
    School of Medicine and Public Health
    School of Nursing
    School of Pharmacy
    School of Veterinary Medicine
    Institute for Environmental Studies
    Division of Continuing Studies
    Research and Graduate Education
    Officer Education
    International Division *
    Arts Institute *

    *these units have no departments or academic offerings