Fast Facts

The Fast Facts publication is a small, pocket-sized brochure providing an overview of facts about the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Fast Facts is intended to be a companion of the annual Data Digest, and contains a selection of facts and statistics from the full digest. The content of the Fast Facts brochure is available below or you can view the one-page PDF here. If you are in need of pamphlets, please Contact Us for assistance.

University Chancellor: Rebecca Blank (

Number of Schools and Colleges: 13
Fall 2017 Average Undergraduate Class Size: 31
2017-18 Annual Student Credit Hours: 1,102,805

Fall 2018 Headcount Enrollment

Undergraduate 30,360

Wisconsin Resident 17,617

Minnesota Reciprocity 2,749

Other Non-Resident 9,994

Graduate 9,226

Special 2,288

Professional 2,537

Total 44,411


New Freshmen (Fall 2018)

Applicants 42,741

Admits 22,099

Enrolled Students 6,862

Admit Rate 51.7%

Yield Rate 31.1%

Average ACT Score 29.4


2016-17 International Study Abroad Participants  2,276


2017-18 Degrees Awarded

Bachelor’s 7,078

Master’s 2,213

Research Doctorate 802

Professional/Clinical Doctorate 653


Average Undergraduate Time to Degree

Elapsed Calendar Years 4.01


Undergraduate Retention and Graduation Rates

1st-Year Retention Rate 95.4%

4-Year Graduation Rate 66.1%

6-Year Graduation Rate 87.3%


Academic Year 2018-19 Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate Resident $10,556

Ranks 10th among Big Ten publics


Undergraduate Non-Resident $36,805

Ranks 3rd among Big Ten publics


Expected Total Cost of Attendance for Undergraduates in 2018-19

Residents $25,294

Non-Residents $52,887


Fall 2018 Faculty and Staff Head Count

Faculty 2,140

Limited Staff 603

Instructional Academic Staff 2,609

Other Academic Staff 6,613

University Staff 4,522

Post-Degree Training Staff 946

Graduate Assistants 4,932

Total 22,365


NSF Research Expenditures (FY 2017)

Total Research Expenditures $1,193.4M

Federally Funded Expenditures $570.8M

Non-Federal Expenditures $622.6M

National Research Expenditure Rank 6th

Big Ten Research Expenditure Rank 2nd


Technology Transfer (Number in FY 2017)

U.S. Patents Issued 192

Licenses and Options Yielding Income 629

Licensing Income $20.0M


UW Foundation (FY 2017)

Total Endowment $2,746.5M

Payments to/for UW-Madison $253.2M


Wisconsin Alumni Association

Total Living Alumni 446,810


Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Total Endowment (FY 2018) $2.7B

Expenditures (FY 2017) $60.2M


2018-19 Budget

State Appropriations $456.9M (14%)

Student Tuition Revenue $642.1M (20%)

Federal Programs $906.3M (28%)

Gifts, Grants, & Seg. Fees $581.8M (18%)

State Laboratory Fees $26.9M (1%)

Auxiliary Enterprises $411.9M (13%)

Operations Receipts $159.4M (5%)

Total $3,185.3M (100%)


Inventory of Land Acres

Main Campus 938

Arboretum 1,262

Experimental farms and stations 5,924

Off-campus properties 1,646

Total 9,769