Faculty and Staff Trends

APIR compiles and analyzes faculty and staff trends related to a variety of issues.
Faculty Trends in Number, Hiring, Leaving, Age, and Disciplinary Division (January 2019)
Faculty Age and Retirement Patterns (May 2015) Excel file with Faculty Age 55 or Older Counts by Department

Several tabulations at the University and school/college level are available within the Data Digest, which is updated annually. The Faculty and Staff section of the Data Digest runs from Page 33 through Page 50. MS-Excel work files are also available and posted with the Data Digest for each of the following pages:

– Faculty and Staff FTE Counts
– Faculty and Staff FTE by Source of Funding
– Headcount of Faculty and Staff by Gender
– Faculty Headcount by Rank and Gender
– Faculty Tenure Promotions by Divisional Committee Affiliation
– Faculty Promotions by Divisional Committee Affiliation
– Faculty Tenure Promotions by Gender and by Minority Status
– Faculty Salary Comparisons by Professorial Rank
– Headcount of Faculty and Staff by Race/Ethnicity
– Headcount of Faculty and Staff by Gender and Race/Ethnicity

Faculty and Staff Trends Related to Gender and Diversity

Employee Demographics – An interactive visualization that includes demographic characteristics of UW-Madison Employees.

Faculty and Staff Trends by Gender and Ethnic Status (annual reports to the Committee on Women):
May 2021, October 2020, August 2019, September 2018, October 2017, June 2016, August 2015, July 2014, July 2013, September 2012, March 2011, March 2010, March 2009, March 2008

Faculty Trends – Racial/Ethnic Diversity and Gender, Report to Leadership Council, March 2009

Faculty Pay Equity

Starting in the early 1990’s UW-Madison established policies related to equity in relation to faculty salaries, first as it related to gender and more recently for all individuals.  Visit the Office of the Provost web site for information about current policies and activities related to faculty salary equity, and other salary initiatives.
See also information at this site related to faculty compensation.
For historical context see also, 1997 Study of Gender Equity in Faculty Salaries and Report on the 2000-01 Faculty Gender Pay Equity Exercise at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.