Faculty Scholarly Activity

Academic Analytics is a resource for by-department information on faculty scholarly activity. Academic Analytics assembles information on publications, citations, federal grants, and professional honorific awards. This tool provides information on some of the scholarly accomplishments of our faculty and how our departments compare nationally. Additional information on Academic Analytics is available at, www.academicanalytics.com.

 UW-Madison and how it works with Academic Analytics

Academic Analytics Overview

Faculty Department/PhD Program Relationships

Faculty are often authorized to chair doctoral committees in programs located outside of their tenured department. Annually PhD program coordinators are asked to submit a list of faculty approved to be major professors in each PhD program. The following documents, organized by school/college, were created in order to show the relationship between tenure home departments and PhD programs.


Profile Summaries
Authorized Academic Analytics users may view summary information on faculty scholarly productivity for UW-Madison departments and how UW-Madison compares to other institutions by logging in through the Academic Analytics website.

Academic Analytics may be accessed only by individuals approved by deans or their designee. Access requires a valid username and password. To obtain access to Academic Analytics, please have the dean or their designee contact Allison La Tarte (allison.latarte@wisc.edu).