University of Wisconsin–Madison

Student Trends

The Data Digest provides annual trend data for many diversity-related student statistics.  Data on students is available from Pages 1-34, and many of the trends are broken down by Gender and Race/Ethnic Category.  Click on the Data Digest link for more information and individual work files of these pages.

Retention and Graduation Rates, by Gender, Race/Ethnicity and for Precollege and Academic Support Programs

Historical Trends in Undergraduate Enrollment, 1974 to 2008, by Race/Ethnicity – Tabulation

Historical Trends in New Freshman Applications, Admits, Enrolls, including trends by race/ethnicity.
Historical Trends in New Transfer Applications, Admits, Enrolls, including trends by race/ethnicity.

Comparison of the WI Minority Population and Enrollment at UW-Madison, 2011

Time to Degree: Predictors of Time to Degree and Delayed Graduation for
UW-Madison Undergraduates
(Cover memo and analysis, September 2006)

UW-Madison’s In-State Freshman Recruiting Pipeline (2011)

UW System report on UW-Madison PreCollege Programs, Fall 2006