2011 UW System Climate Study

UW System Climate Study - UW-Madison Participation

UW-Madison was a participant in Tier III (2010-12) of the UW System Climate Study.

The study provides important information about the campus climate and expands our understanding of ways members of community experience the campus climate. Results may help us both identify areas for improvement and identify features that should be maintained because they contribute to a positive campus climate.

The heart of the study is a climate survey, which was fielded in the Spring 2011.
The climate survey was fielded in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) and in the Division of Student Life. All students and employees in CALS and Student Life were invited to complete the survey.

The UW System Climate Study Project was initiated as a cross-system project in 2007.

UW-Madison's Climate Study Working Group (CSWG) and Diversity Leadership Committee (DLC)

In March 2010, UW-Madison convened a Climate Study Working Group (CSWG).
The responsibilities of the CSWG were to:
1. Work with System Administration and the survey contractor (Sue Rankin, Rankin and Associates Consulting) to provide background information necessary to the implementation and analysis of the study
2. Conduct a detailed review of the survey instrument
3. Define UW-Madison-specific elements of the project
4. Assure that all the necessary preparations were carried out
5. Coordinate with the contractor on seeking human subjects review by the IRB
6. Communicate about the project to the UW-Madison community
7. Meet regularly (at least monthly) as a group during the time of preparation for the survey
8. Meet regularly (at least monthly) with the System-wide CSWG during the time of preparation for the survey

In addition, the UW-Madison climate study was overseen by the Diversity Leadership Committee (DLC), which was convened in summer 2010.   The responsibilities of the DLC were to:

1. Review the survey instrument, especially the UW-Madison-specific information
2. Develop and implement a communication and education plan for the survey that will encourage and support participation
3. Provide information and updates to the University community
4. Review draft reports on study findings, develop reports specifically for CALS and Student Life

All members of the CSWG are also members of the DLC. Committee members (2010-11) are listed below.

– Sandy Bertics, Laboratory Manager, Dairy Science, and Chair of the CALS Equity and Diversity Committee
Tom Browne*, Assistant Dean and Multicultural/Disadvantaged Coordinator, CALS
– Srinivasan Damodaran, Professor of Food Science and member of the CALS Equity and Diversity Committee
Margaret Harrigan*, Senior Policy and Planning Analyst (UW-Madison PI for the project and the IRB proposal)
– Tina Gislason, CALS Human Resources, and member of the CALS Equity and Diversity Committee
Jocelyn Milner*, Director of Academic Planning and Institutional Research (Chair of the CSWG and the DLC)
Ruby Paredes*, Assistant Vice Chancellor. Office of the Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate,
and UW-Madison Multicultural/Disadvantaged Liaison to UW System Administration
– Dan Schaefer, Professor of Animal Science, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Services, CALS
Argyle Wade*, Associate Dean, Division of Student Life
– Yuriy Velichkin, CALS student


February 2010 – Decision made for UW-Madison (CALS and Student Life ) to participate in Tier III of the UW System Climate Study
March 2010 – UW-Madison CSWG is convened; begins meeting monthly with System-wide CSWG
April 2010 to September 2010 – Survey instrument review
July 2010 – DLC beings to meet (  Provost charge to the DLC  )
July 2010 to November 2010 – Complete review of survey instrument, develop communication/education plan by DLC
September 2010 – Communication about the survey to CALS and DSL students, staff, and faculty ( Notes for the 9/13/2010 CALS Department Chairs Meeting , 2010 Diversity Forum Poster  )
October 2010 – Proposal submission for IRB approval
December 2010 – IRB approval; plans finalized for fielding the survey
February to March 2011 – Survey was in the field and available to all participants
Fall 2011 – A draft report on findings was first provided to APIR by Rankin and Associates.  Review resulted in a request for re-analysis.
January 2012 – A second draft of the report on survey findings was provided to APIR staff.  Some additional revisions were required.
June 2012 – A final report was summited to UW-Madison and UW System Admin by Rankin and Associates.  APIR worked over the summer to review and summarize the report.
September 2012 – APIR and OVPDC staff met with the DLC to pass the report on to CALS for consideration of possible further steps.
October 2012 – CALS representatives presented a poster on the Climate Study at the Diversity Forum.  Climate Survey reports posted on this web page.
Fall 2012 – Review of the report and discussions about possible action items by CALS faculty and staff and by campus-level groups.

Climate Survey Reports

Access to these reports requires a UW-Madison NetID and password.

Executive Summary, October 2012
Climate Study Full Report Narrative
Appendix A. Analysis of CALS Comments
Appendix B. CALS Data Tables
Appendix C. Division of Student Life Crosstabs
Appendix D. Division of Student Life Data Tables
Appendix E. Survey Instrument

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