University of Wisconsin–Madison

Course Proposal System Access

The online course proposal system is located at

All UW-Madison permanent university staff, academic staff and faculty are able to access the course proposal process online system, whether to initiate or track a course proposal. Because the faculty has authority for course proposals and approvals, access to the system is limited to faculty and those staff to whom the university has a long-term commitment. If an individual has a different appointment type (e.g., student, classified project, classified LTE), s/he will not be able to access the system.

Those who are associated with the course proposals for a specific subject listing must request access to the subject listing using this form.
Chairs or program directors that own a subject listing are automatically given access to their subject listings by virtue of their appointment as a chair or program director in HRS. For all other users, submitted this form is the only way access will be granted.

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