Key Collaborations


APIR is coordinating the implementation of Tableau, a business intelligence data visualization tool that allows users to interact with data through dashboards and other presentation styles.

Primary Partners: Office of the Registrar, Division of Information Technology, Division of Continuing Studies

Primary contact: Jocelyn Milner

Educational Innovation (EI)

APIR supports the analytical data needs of Educational Innovation and contributes leadership on academic planning components of EI. APIR is a partner in all three goals of EI.

Partners: Division of Continuing Studies, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, Office of the Registrar, Office of Quality Improvement

Primary contact: Jocelyn Milner

Learning Analytics/Unizin

APIR is contributing to the learning analytics pilot project in conjunction with DoIT Academic Technology. Supported by a UW System Growth Agenda grant, this project piloted a course-based early-warning system using Desire to Learn’s Student Success System (S3). This project ends in June 2015 and ongoing efforts to implement a learning analytics system will continue with the implementation of the Unizin digital ecosystem. APIR staff serve on the campus-wide Unizin implementation committee and as members of the Digital Infrastructure Working Groups.

Partners: Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, DoIT Academic Technology

Primary contact: Clare Huhn

Prerequisite Review Project

In conjunction with the Office of the Registrar, APIR is coordinating a review of course prerequisites for clarity, enforceability, and consistency. This review focuses on courses where there is evidence of student confusion, misunderstanding, and/or lack of compliance with the governance-approved course prerequisites. These issues have been demonstrated to contribute to course achievement gaps and impede academic progress.

Partners: Office of the Registrar, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning

Primary contact: Michelle Young

Learning Goals Reporting tool (LGRT)

APIR staff are participating in the development of a collection instrument and catalog of learning goals for academic programs. Learning goals will be used to develop curricular maps and assessment plans to meet accreditation-related requirements and academic program review expectations.

Partners: Office of Student Learning Assessment, Graduate School

Primary contact: Sarah Kuba

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

Academic Planning and Institutional Research is assuming the role of Data Coordinator for the MOOC project. As the Data Coordinator, APIR is the UW-Madison contact with Coursera for data-related matters, including data for research and evaluation of the MOOC implementation.

Partners: Division of Continuing Studies, DoIT Academic Technology

Primary contact: Clare Huhn

Following are demographic profiles of UW-Madison MOOC participants:

Data Integrity Group (DIG)

APIR serves as the coordinator of meetings and initiatives of the Data Integrity Group (DIG). DIG advises DoIT’s InfoAccess team on data quality issues and consults on the development of new data views and/or enhancements to existing data views. InfoAccess is the data source for most institutional data analysis and reporting.

Partners: Data Management and Analytics (Chief Data Officer and InfoAccess Team), Division of Enrollment Management (Offices of the Registrar, Financial Aid, and Undergraduate Admissions), Graduate School.

Primary contact: Clare Huhn

Achievement Gap

APIR provides analytics to help course instructors learn about and reduce course achievement gaps. We work with departments and course instructors to identify predictors of course success and to evaluate the effects of achievement gap-related interventions.

Partners: Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate

Primary contact: Clare Huhn