Academic Planning and Institutional Research Webinar Series

APIR Webinar Series

Academic Planning and Institutional Research (APIR) is pleased to offer a series of webinars during the 2020-21 academic year, curated based on the needs of the campus community, ranging from the how-tos of program review to data resources for departments to the credit hour policy. Webinars will be presented via Zoom and will be available live and on-demand. Registration is required.

Upcoming Live Webinars

There are currently not any additional webinars scheduled. Please review the Past Webinars section below for recent presentations. The sessions in the Future Webinars Topics section below will be scheduled and promoted yet this spring 2021 term. Check back for details and registration.

Future Webinar Topics

Following is a list of webinars slated to be offered late winter and spring 2021. Full details and registration links will be available once the sessions are finalized.

Data Resources for Departments and Programs

There is a wealth of data on campus, so much so that it can be hard to know where to look. In this webinar, staff from APIR and the Office of Data Management and Analytics Services (ODMAS) will combine to give you a comprehensive look at data resources across the university, including Department Planning Profiles, RADAR, Tableau, and more.

Overview of Lumen and Guide

You’ve probably heard about Lumen and Guide, but what exactly are they and how can they help you in your work? Lumen is the campus gateway to update, track, and approve functions related to courses, curriculum, and programs. If you want to offer a new course, propose a new program, or modify an existing course or program, you’ll use Lumen to do it. Guide is one of the main components of Lumen and is essentially the university’s official catalog of courses and program information. This webinar will provide a high-level overview of both Lumen and Guide, and show you how these tools can advance and streamline your work.

Past Webinars

As webinars take place and are recorded, they will be posted here for on-demand viewing.

Data Resources for Graduate Outcomes and Alumni

Where are our graduates? This webinar will introduce you to tools that can be used by schools/colleges, departments, and programs to track alumni outcomes, along with examples of how you can use these tools to summarize graduate outcomes for your unit. Demos will be provided for tools such as Steppingblocks, a source of alumni placement and location data, as well as the First Destination Survey, a survey given to undergraduates as they graduate from UW-Madison.

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Note on Recordings: The content presented during the December 2 and 15 webinars is identical. The questions throughout and at the end vary slightly.

Program Review and Assessment: A Workshop for Departments and Programs

This webinar is designed for faculty staff in the departments and program who have responsibilities for program review and the assessment of student learning. It will include the context for program review and assessment, program review guidelines and resources, the elements of assessment and annual assessment reporting, and importantly the institutional data and reports that are available to inform both program review and student learning assessment.

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Course Outcome Metrics and Student Success

Every course has learning outcomes that formally state what students are expected to learn in the course, but what resources exist to help faculty evaluate course performance metrics? This webinar will highlight existing course metric data, including completion rates, grading patterns, grade gaps, D/F/Drop rates, and more. It will also help faculty consider how these metrics can inform revisions within their courses to enhance student learning and success.

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Supporting Timely Progress to Degree in Undergraduate Programs

Understanding and improving student progress and degree completion is more important than ever. This session will take a data- and analysis-focused approach to improving timely degree completion in undergraduate programs. We will feature analytical and data resources that support program and curriculum delivery, such as trends in enrollment and degrees, common courses, grade and D/F/Drop rate analysis, and data on alumni outcomes. We will introduce concepts related to the student path through the curriculum (i.e., curricular analytics), including the longest path, number of long paths, bottleneck courses, pinch-point courses, the role of requisites, and overall curricular complexity. We will discuss hidden or unintended “speed bumps,” such as complex admissions requirements, time of declaration, and enrollment holds. And finally, we will discuss ways to “smooth the path,” such as credit-by-exam and the use of Guide content.

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What is a Credit?

We all know that courses carry credit, but the details and policies behind that course credit unit are a mystery to many. In this webinar, staff from Academic Planning and Institutional Research staff will detail the university’s credit hour policy and its relation to the federal credit hour definition. Additional focus will be placed on providing guidance for the application of the credit hour policy to courses, both in-person and online, the concept of “credit-is-credit”, types of credit, and counting credit methods.

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