UAPC Agenda, June 2022

There is one action item for the University Academic Planning Council in June 2022. In lieu of conducting the scheduled in-person meeting, committee members are being asked to consider the action item (i.e., a new undergraduate certificate proposal) based on this provided written agenda/material and vote via a Qualtrics survey. Please submit your vote on/by Thursday, June 16, 2022.

Questions can be directed to Karen Mittelstadt, Academic Planning and Institutional Research,


1. Establish a new undergraduate certificate, Certificate in International Business, School of Business, effective Fall 2023.
UAPC Doc 20220616.001 pdf
UAPC Doc 20220616.001 Lumen

Summary of New Certificate Proposal:
At its March 2022 meeting, the University Academic Planning Council approved the School of Business proposal to suspend admission to the BBA-Business: International Business major, effective Fall 2023. (Refer to the proposal to suspend admission here.) As noted in that proposal, the School of Business intended to replace the international business major, which could only be earned by business students in conjunction with another business major, with a new certificate program. The utilization of the certificate rather than the major represents a more streamlined approach for students seeking content related to international business as the second-major-only structure is rare and more difficult for students to navigate. With this proposal for the Certificate in International Business, the School of Business is formally proposing the new certificate program to replace the formerly suspended major. Should the new certificate be approved, the school will subsequently submit a final proposal to discontinue the major. The School of Business is seeking UAPC approval in June so it can market the new certificate to prospective students in advance of the fall 2023 program launch.

Instructions for UAPC Member Voting:
Each UAPC member has the option to vote to Approve the new certificate proposal or to Table the proposal until the next regularly scheduled UAPC meeting, which is in September 2022. A member might vote to Table the proposal if they have questions about the proposal that are not answered in the written materials and would like to seek clarification from representatives of the program/school during the next in-person UAPC meeting.

To submit your vote, click here to go to the Qualtrics survey. Please submit your vote on/by Thursday, June 16, 2022.