University of Wisconsin–Madison

September 17, 2009

UW Madison Crest

DATE:      September 10, 2009

TO:          UAPC MEMBERS 2009-10

Biddy Martin (Chancellor) Jon McKenzie (Arts and Humanities)
Judith Burstyn (University Committee Representative) Erik Paulson (Associated Students of Madison)
Martin Cadwallader (Graduate School) Ken Potter (University Committee Appointee)
Chris DeMarco (Physical Sciences) Mary Ray (Academic Staff Appointee)
Lisa Forrest (University Committee Appointee) Gary Sandefur  (Administrative Appointee)
Gary Green (Social Sciences) Dan Schaefer (University Committee Appointee)
Ron Kalil (Biological Sciences) Wendy Way (University Committee Appointee)

FROM:     Paul M. DeLuca, Jr. (Chair)

RE:          Thursday, September 17 UAPC Meeting – 350 BASCOM HALL, 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Your attendance is important.   Please let Jocelyn Milner or me know if you will be late or absent.

1.       Information Item – Welcome and introductions

2.       Automatic Consent Item – Minutes of the June 18, 2009 meeting.  Attachment 1.

3.       Information Item – 2008-09 UAPC Annual Report.  Attachment 2.

4.       Information Item – Orientation to the work of the UAPC.  Presenter: Jocelyn Milner, director of Academic Planning and Analysis.  Attachment 3.

5.       Discussion – Review of Obsolete Courses.  As of August 19, 2009, 115 of 180 Subjects had responded.  For that group a total of 2007 courses out of 3525 courses not taught in the past six years or more (57%) were proposed to be discontinued.  Presenter: Lori Sebranek, assistant registrar for Curricular Services.

6.       Discussion – Course Proposal Process Project.  A working group met over the summer and made considerable progress.  They will be meeting with a faculty advisory group soon and then will finalize specifications.  Presenters:  Lori Sebranek and Jocelyn Milner.  Attachment 4. 

7.       Discussion – Madison Initiative for Undergraduates.  Attachment 5.

8.       Discussion – Restructuring UW-Madison’s Research Enterprise.

9.       Automatic Consent Item – New Subject Listing: Pharmacy.  Attachment 6.

10.   Information Item – Closure of Non-Traditional Doctor of Pharmacy program.  Attachment 7. 

11.   Upcoming agenda items – Topics for consideration at future meetings include the report from the Higher Learning Commission’s site visit in April 2009, annual report from the University Assessment Council, an annual report from the University General Education Committee, review of draft program review guidelines and joint review guidelines, membership considerations, review of the list of centers and institutes that is required by UAPC policy, enrollment updates, and the annual report on grades.


Copies:   Lori Hayward, Jeanine Mount

Academic Deans and Directors:  Lori Berquam, Gilles Bousquet, Daryl Buss, Kenneth Davis, Robin Douthitt, Robert Golden, Molly Jahn, Michael Knetter, Katharyn May, Gregg Mitman, Paul Peercy, Jeanette Roberts, Julie Underwood, Marv Van Kekerix.

Also:  Teresa Adams, Bruce Beck, Joanne Berg, Aaron Brower, Toni Good, Margaret Harrigan, Clare Huhn, Eden Inoway-Ronnie, Elaine Klein, Judith Kornblatt, Kathleen Matthews-Risley, Jocelyn Milner, David Musolf, Tim Norris, Doug Rose, Lori Sebranek, Donna Silver, Steve Stern, Damon Williams

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