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November 19, 2015

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DATE: November 10, 2015


Rebecca Blank (Chancellor) Cathy Middlecamp (Physical Sciences)
William Karpus (Graduate School) Dennis Miller (Arts and Humanities)
John Karl Scholz (Administrative Appointee) Mark Seidenberg (Social Studies)
Ramon Aldag (University Committee Appointee) Debra Shapiro (Academic Staff Appointee)
Seth Blair (University Committee Appointee) James Skinner (University Committee Appointee)
Dorothy Farrar-Edwards (University Committee Appointee) Darryl Thelen (University Committee Appointee)
Ed Jackson (Biological Sciences) Kate Wiedel (Associated Students of Madison)
Isaac Lee (University Staff Appointee)

FROM: Sarah C. Mangelsdorf (Chair)

RE: THURSDAY, November 19, 2015 UAPC Meeting – 52 BASCOM HALL, 3:30-5:00 pm

(pdf copy of the agenda suitable for printing)

Your attendance is important. Please let me or Jocelyn Milner know if you will be late or absent.

  1. Welcome, introductions, opening announcements.


  1. Automatic Consent – Minutes of the September 17, 2015, meeting. UAPC Doc 2015.11.19.01
  2. Discontinue the graduate-level Certificate of Specialist in Gerontology, associated with the Institute on Aging, School of Medicine and Public Health. This proposal is an outcome of a program review conducted by the School of Medicine and Public Health that was completed in August 2015. There are no graduate students enrolled in the graduate-certificate currently and the last time a graduate student was declared was 2009-2010. The undergraduate-level Certificate of Specialist in Gerontology will continue for the time being. This action is effective Fall 2015. This action was approved at the October 9, 2015, GFEC meeting. UAPC Doc 2015.11.19.02
  3. Rename the Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) to COWS. The removal of the reference to a particular state better reflects the broader reach of the center’s research and service profile; retaining “COWS” maintains a connection to the former name. This action is effective Fall 2015. UAPC Doc 2015.11.19.03
  4. Discontinue the John R. Commons Center. Though initially proposed as a related, renamed version of COWS, this center is inactive and does not exist. This action is effective Fall 2015. UAPC Doc 2015.11.19.03
  5. Discontinue the LEAD Center in the College of Letters and Science. This center was closed in 2006, but no notice was given. This action does not affect the Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER) – LEAD Center. WCER-LEAD is a new and different unit, unrelated to the Letters & Science LEAD Center. This action is effective Fall 2015. UAPC Doc 2015.11.19.04
  6. Change the short description of the subject listing for Life Sciences Communication, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, from L SC Com to LSC. This change is effective Spring 2017. UAPC Doc 2015.11.19.05


  1. Accept the report of the committee that conducted the five-year review of the BS-Personal Finance, a program in the School of Human Ecology. Presenter: Elizabeth Odders-White, senior associate dean, School of Business, and member of the program review committee. UAPC Doc 2015.11.19.06, UAPC Doc 2015.11.19.06 Supplement
  2. Establish a subject listing for FISC, Farm and Industry Short Course, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. The FISC subject listing will house courses for the Farm and Industry Short Course certificates, which will be proposed at a future meeting. Presenters: Sarah Pfatteicher, associate dean, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences; Francisco Arriaga, assistant professor, Soil Science; Jessie Potterton, director, Farm and Industry Short Course Program. UAPC Doc 2015.11.19.07
  3. Approve the Policy on Major Declaration for Schools/Colleges that Enroll Undergraduates. Presenter: Jocelyn Milner, associate provost, Academic Planning and Institutional Research. UAPC Doc 2015.11.19.08


  1. Reducing Undergraduate Time to Degree-Work Plan Review. Presenter: Steve Cramer, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning. UAPC Doc 2015.11.19.09
  2. REACH Project. Presenter: Steve Cramer. UAPC Doc 2015.11.19.10
  3. Annual program review report. Presenter: Jocelyn Milner. This item was postponed from the September 17, 2015, UAPC Meeting. UAPC Doc 2015.11.19.11 A full schedule of academic programs and program review status is available online: UAPC Doc 2015.11.19.12
  4. Overview of Non-Pooled Tuition Program Criteria and Process. Presenter: Jocelyn Milner. UAPC Doc 2015.11.19.13


Meeting Schedule for 2015-16, 3:30-5:00 pm:
December 17, 2015
January 21, February 18, March 17, April 21, May 19, and June 16, 2016

Agenda materials and policy documents are posted at UAPC Meeting Dates and Deadlines for Submitting Material 

Copies:  Francisco Arriaga, Elizabeth Odders-White, Sarah Pfatteicher, Jessie Potterton, Joel Rogers

Deans:  Lori Berquam, Robert Golden, Diana Hess, Mark Markel, Katharyn May, François Ortalo-Magné, Guido Podestá, Margaret Raymond, Paul Robbins, Ian Robertson, Jeff Russell, Norma Saldivar, Soyeon Shim, Steve Swanson, Kathryn VandenBosch

Also:  Teresa Adams, Jeff Armstrong, Michael Bernard-Donals, Suzanne Broadberry, Steve Cramer, Heather Daniels, Emily Dickmann, Toni Good, Marty Gustafson, Steve Hahn, Margaret Harrigan, Clare Huhn, Phil Hull, Eden Inoway-Ronnie, Elaine Klein, Sarah Kuba, Sara Lazenby, John Lease, Marsha Mailick, Jennifer Martin, Jocelyn Milner, Mo Noonan Bischof, Tim Norris, Scott Owczarek, Rebecca Ring, Doug Rose, Patrick Sims, Steve Smith, Beth Warner