May 17, 2012



UW Madison CrestDATE: May 10, 2012


David Ward (Chancellor) Ron Kalil (Biological Sciences)
Martin Cadwallader (Graduate School) LD Oakley (University Committee Appointee)
Laura A. Dunek (Associated Students of Madison) Ken Potter (University Committee Appointee)
Linda Graham (University Committee Representative) Gary Sandefur (Administrative Appointee)
Gary Green (Social Studies) Dan Schaefer (University Committee Appointee)
Lea Jacobs (Arts and Humanities) Jeff Shockler (Academic Staff Appointee)
Jacquie Hitchon (University Committee Appointee) Richard Straub (Physical Sciences)


FROM: Paul M. DeLuca, Jr. (Chair)

RE: Thursday May 17, 2012 UAPC Meeting – 350 BASCOM HALL, 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.

1. Welcome, introductions, opening announcements.


2. Automatic Consent – Minutes of the April 19, 2012 meeting. UAPC Doc 2012.05.17.01

3. Automatic Consent – MS in Curriculum and Instruction Options: Secondary English Education, Secondary Mathematics Education, Secondary Science Education, Secondary Social Studies Education. Conditional upon approval at the May 11, 2012 Graduate Faculty Executive Committee meeting. UAPC Doc 2012.05.17.02.

4. Automatic Consent – Master of Engineering option: Sustainable Systems Engineering, Department of Engineering Professional Development, College of Engineering. Conditional upon approval at the May 11, 2012 Graduate Faculty Executive Committee meeting. UAPC Doc 2012.05.17.03.

5. Automatic Consent – Capstone Certificate in Post Graduate Psychiatric Nursing, School of Nursing. Conditional upon approval at the May 11, 2012 Graduate Faculty Executive Committee meeting. UAPC Doc 2012.05.17.04.

6. Automatic Consent – Doctor of Audiology, major Audiology Option: “Collaborative Program at UW-Madison” and Option: “Collaborative Program at UW-Stevens Point”. Conditional upon approval at the May 11, 2012 Graduate Faculty Executive Committee meeting. UAPC Doc 2012.05.17.05.


7. Approval Item – Discontinuing the School of Nursing’s “Western Campus”, School of Nursing. Presenter: Katharyn May, dean of the School of Nursing. UAPC Doc 2012.05.17.06.

8. Approval Item – Authorization to implement a BS-Athletic Training, Department of Kinesiology, School of Education. Presenters: Julie Underwood, dean of the School of Education; Andrew Winterstein, director of the Athletic Training Program; Richard Straub, UAPC chair of the review committee. UAPC Doc 2012.05.17.07, UAPC Doc 2012.05.17.08.

9. Approval Item – Joint review of the MS-Occupational Therapy, Department of Kinesiology, School of Education. Presenter: LD Oakley, UAPC member and chair of the review committee. Mary Schneider, professor of Kinesiology and director of the Occupational Therapy program, was the program representative. This review was discussed and approved by GFEC at their March 9, 2012 meeting. The actions before the UAPC are to accept the review and to approve continuation of the program. UAPC Doc 2012.05.17.09, UAPC Doc 2012.05.17.10.

10. Approval Item – Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Studies, Department of Communication Arts, College of Letters & Science. Presenters: Gary Sandefur, dean of Letters & Science; Robert Glenn Howard, professor of Communication Arts and director of Digital Studies Program. The Digital Studies Certificate is funded in part by the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates. UAPC Doc 2012.05.17.11.

11. Approval Item – Rename the Department of Communicative Disorders to Communication Science and Disorders. Presenters: Gary Sandefur, dean of Letters & Science; Jan Edwards, chair and professor of Communicative Disorders. The same name change will also apply to the name of the BS/BA major, the MS degree and major, the PhD major, the PhD minor, and the course Subject listing, all of the same name. The graduate program name changes will be approved pending approval at the May 11, 2012 GFEC meeting or a subsequent meeting. UAPC Doc 2012.05.17.12.


12. Discussion and Approval Item – Report from the UAPC sub-committee on guidelines for suspending or discontinuing degree/major programs. Committee members are Linda Graham (chair), Ken Potter, Laura Dunek, Jocelyn Milner. The sub-committee met twice and has provided the attached draft policy and guidelines. If the discussion is favorable, I will entertain a motion for approval at the meeting. UAPC Doc 2012.05.17.13.

13. Discussion Item– Proposal for a new College of the Arts. Presenter: Norma Saldivar, professor of Theater and Drama and director of the Arts Institute. The attachments include a set of slides, a summary of the proposal for the College of the Arts, and a summary of some important information related to the proposal. The full proposal is not included but it can be accessed at . UAPC Doc 2012.05.17.14.

14. Information Only – Tentative topics for the June 25th UAPC meeting include the annual report from the University General Education Committee, an update on the status of state authorization for operating in other states, the joint review of the Doctor of Audiology, the joint review of the MA in Gender and Women’s Studies, and action on the College of the Arts proposal.


Copies: Alan Lockwood, Cheryl Hanley-Maxwell, Phil O’Leary, Nadine Nehls, Gale Barber, Andrew Winterstein, Mary Schneider, Dorothy Farrar-Edwards, Robert Glenn Howard, Michele Hilmes, Jan Edwards, Norma Saldivar, Darin Harris, Ken Chraca.

Academic Deans and Directors: Lori Berquam, Gilles Bousquet, Daryl Buss, Robin Douthitt, Robert Golden, François Ortalo-Magné, Katharyn May, Gregg Mitman, Paul Peercy, Margaret Raymond, Jeanette Roberts, Jeff Russell, Katharyn Vandenbosch, Julie Underwood

Also: Teresa Adams, Joanne Berg, Aaron Brower, Connie Chapman, Toni Good, Karen Hanson, Margaret Harrigan, Kelly Haslam, Clare Huhn, Phil Hull, Eden Inoway-Ronnie, Elaine Klein, Sara Lazenby, Kathleen Matthews-Risley, Rebecca R. Ring, Jocelyn Milner, David Musolf, Tim Norris, Scott Owczarek, Andrea Poehling, Doug Rose, Donna Silver, Steve Stern, Damon Williams

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