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March 21, 2013

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DATE:  March 13, 2013



David Ward (Chancellor)  Ron Kalil (Biological Sciences)
Martin Cadwallader (Graduate School)  LD Oakley (University Committee Appointee)
Laura A. Dunek (Associated Students of Madison) Ken Potter (University Committee Appointee)
Peter Lipton (University Committee Representative) Gary Sandefur (Administrative Appointee)
Mark Seidenberg (Social Studies) Ramon Aldag (University Committee Appointee)
Lea Jacobs(Arts and Humanities) Jeff Shokler (Academic Staff Appointee)
Jacquie Hitchon (University Committee Appointee) Richard Straub (Physical Sciences)


FROM: Paul M. DeLuca, Jr. (Chair)

RE: THURSDAY MARCH 21, 2013, UAPC Meeting – 350 BASCOM HALL, 3:30 – 5:00 p.m
(Printable agenda in pdf format)

Your attendance is important. Please let me or Jocelyn Milner know if you will be late or absent
I will traveling so Gary Sandefur will chair the meeting in my absence.

1. Welcome, introductions, opening announcements.


2. Automatic Consent – Minutes of the February 21, 2013 meeting.  UAPC Doc 2013.02.21.01

3. Automatic Consent – Rename the graduate program in Limnology and Marine Science to Freshwater and Marine Sciences. The name change applies to the MS degree and major, the PhD major, and the PhD minor. This proposal comes from the College of Engineering with the support of the College of Letters and Science. This will be a “turn-key” implementation with the change to be effective for all students in the program in the summer 2013 term. This action was approved at the March 8 Graduate Faculty Executive Committee (GFEC) meeting. UAPC Doc 2013.03.21.02

4. Automatic Consent – Discontinue the MS in Family and Consumer Journalism. This proposal comes from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences with the support of the School of Human Ecology, and is in response to a request from the Provost’s Office to review the status of the program. The program has not had students for several years. This action was approved at the March 8 GFEC meeting. UAPC Doc 2013.03.21.03

5. Automatic Consent – Rename the Center for Excellence in Family Studies to the Center for Family and Child Well-Being. The center is housed within the School of Human Ecology. In keeping with UAPC policy, proposals to rename centers come as automatic consent items. UAPC Doc 2013.03.21.04

6. Automatic Consent – Approve the Capstone Certificate in Nursing Care of Children with Chronic Conditions in Schools in the School of Nursing. This action was approved at the March 8 GFEC meeting. UAPC Doc 2013.03.21.05

7. Automatic Consent – Convert the MS-Nursing degree/major to a no admissions format. The School of Nursing would like to keep the degree for potential use by students in the PhD program, but at this time the School of Nursing is not admitting students into a free-standing master’s degree. This action  has been approved by the Graduate School. UAPC Doc 2013.03.21.06

8. Automatic Consent – Rename the Subject Listing: English (Subject code 350) to English as a Second Language, Department of English, College of Letters and Science. UAPC Doc 2013.03.21.07

9. Automatic Consent – Move the administrative home of two centers from the Department of Sociology to the Dean’s Office (Associate Dean for Social Sciences) in the College of Letters and Science: the Center for Demography and Ecology (CDE) and the Center for Demography, Health, and Aging (CDHA). In keeping with UAPC policy, this kind of restructuring is considered to be an automatic consent item. UAPC Doc 2013.03.21.08


10. Approval Item – Reorganization of the Biology Major and moving the administrative home from the Institute for Biology Education (IBE) to the Department of Bacteriology in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and the Department of Zoology in the College of Letters and Science. Lead presenters are Sarah Pfatteicher, associate dean in CALS, and Eric Wilcots, associate dean in Letters and Science. A number of others will also be present to answer questions: Kathryn Vandenbosch, dean of CALS; Gary Sandefur; dean of Letters and Science; Janet Branchaw, director of IBE; Rick Gourse, chair of Bacteriology; Jeff Hardin, chair of Zoology; Seth Blair and Donna Fernandez in their roles as co-chairs of the Biology Major Committee. In addition, Chris Olsen, vice provost for Teaching and Learning, will represent the Provost’s Office. UAPC Doc 2013.03.21.09

11. Approval Item – Policy for Undergraduate Reentry Enrollment. Presenter: Joanne Berg, vice provost for Enrollment Management. UAPC Doc 2013.03.21.10


12. Topics for Future Meetings: Five-year Program Review Guidelines (April); Five-year review of the Master of Public Health (April or May); Five-year review of the MS-Agroecology (April or May); Guidelines for Directed/Independent Study (April or May).


Meeting Schedule for 2012-13: April 18, May 9 (2nd Thursday), June 24 (Monday)

Dates and agenda materials are posted at UAPC Meeting Dates and Deadlines for Submitting Material


Copies: Steve Cramer, Wendy Way, Lori Anderson, Gale Barber, Susan Riesch, Theresa Kelley, Maria Cancian, Eric Wilcots, Sarah Pfatteicher, Janet Branchaw, Rick Gourse, Jeff Hardin, Seth Blair, Donna Fernandez


Deans: Lori Berquam, Robert Golden, Mark Markel, Katharyn May, François Ortalo-Magné, Guido Podesta, Margaret Raymond, Paul Robbins, Jeanette Roberts, Ian Robertson, Jeff Russell, Soyeon Shim, Kathryn VandenBosch, Julie Underwood

Also: Teresa Adams, Joanne Berg, Jo Ann Carr, Connie Chapman, Cathy Easter, Dan Edlebeck, Toni Good, Margaret Harrigan, Kelly Haslam, Clare Huhn, Phil Hull, Eden Inoway-Ronnie, Elaine Klein, Sara Lazenby, Kathleen Matthews-Risley, Jocelyn Milner, Mo Noonan Bischof, Tim Norris, Chris Olsen, Scott Owczarek, Andrea Poehling, Rebecca R. Ring, Doug Rose, Wren Singer, Steve Stern, Damon Williams



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