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January 19, 2017

UW Madison Crest


DATE: January 5, 2017


Rebecca Blank (Chancellor) Cathy Middlecamp (Physical Sciences)
William Karpus (Graduate School) Dennis Miller (Arts and Humanities)
John Karl Scholz (Administrative Appointee) Carol Pope (University Staff Appointee)
Seth Blair (University Committee Appointee) Debra Shapiro (Academic Staff Appointee)
Tom Broman (University Committee Representative) Sarah Thal (University Committee Appointee)
Mark Eriksson (University Committee Appointee) Darryl Thelen (University Committee Appointee)
Brian Gould (Social Studies) Matthew Zinsli (Associated Students of Madison)
Ed Jackson (Biological Sciences)

FROM: Sarah C. Mangelsdorf (Chair)

RE: JANUARY 2017 UAPC Meeting – via email by 5pm THURSDAY, January 19, 2017

(pdf copy of the agenda suitable for printing)


  1. Instructions for this meeting. UAPC Doc 2017.01.19.01


  1. Approve changes to MS-Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, School of Medicine and Public Health. Program review in the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology is up to date. This action is conditional upon approval at the January 13, 2017, Graduate Faculty Executive Committee (GFEC) meeting. This action is effective Fall 2017. UAPC Doc 2017.01.19.02
    1. Unsuspend the M.S. in Medical Microbiology and Immunology.
    2. Rename the MS-Medical Microbiology and Immunology to MS-Microbiology
    3. Establish the MS-Microbiology as a non-admitting terminal degree for the Microbiology Ph.D.
  2. Suspend admissions to the MA Art Education, Department of Art, School of Education. This action is conditional upon approval at the January 13, 2017, Graduate Faculty Executive Committee (GFEC) meeting. This action is effective Spring 2017. The program must submit a plan to reopen or discontinue by September 1, 2019. UAPC Doc 2017.01.19.03
  3. Discontinue the School of Education pre-Physical Education code PED 768 and create a pre-Physical Education code PED 770. When the new plan code was created for admitted Physical Education students (BSPE 770), a corresponding pre-Physical Education code was not created. Students currently in PED 768 will be moved to the new PED 770 as soon as it is created. Summer 2017 is the last term students may be enrolled in PED 768. PED 770 code will be effective Fall 2017. UAPC Doc 2017.01.19.04
  4. Discontinue the previous School of Education Physical Education code PEC 768. There are currently no students in PEC 768. Any students that stopped out of PEC 768 and are readmitted will be moved to BSPE 770. This action will be effective Spring 2017. UAPC Doc 2017.01.19.04
  5. Discontinue School of Education codes KNM 768 (including program code KNM and sub-plans AT-Athletic Training, MB-Motor Behavior) and KNX 768 (including program code KNX and sub-plans AT-Athletic Training, ES-Exercise Science). There are no students in these codes. This action is effective Spring 2017. UAPC Doc 2017.01.19.04
  6. Discontinue the School of Education code PDAN 248. This code is used by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment for internal purposes related to School of Education Dance Majors and is not to be assigned to an enrolled student in the Student Information System. UAPC Doc 2017.01.19.04

Meeting Schedule for 2016-17, 3:30-5:00 pm:
February 16, 2017; March 16, 2017; April 20, 2017; May 18, 2017; June 15, 2017

Agenda materials and policy documents are posted at UAPC Meeting Dates and Deadlines for Submitting Material



Deans: John Baldacchino, Lori Berquam, Robert Golden, Diana Hess, Mark Markel, François Ortalo-Magné, Guido Podestá, Margaret Raymond, Paul Robbins, Ian Robertson, Jeff Russell, Linda Scott, Soyeon Shim, Steve Swanson, Kathryn VandenBosch

Also: Teresa Adams, Jeff Armstrong, Michael Bernard-Donals, Suzanne Broadberry, Steve Cramer, Heather Daniels, Toni Good, Marty Gustafson, Steve Hahn, Margaret Harrigan, Clare Huhn, Phil Hull, Eden Inoway-Ronnie, Derek Kindle, Elaine Klein, Sarah Kuba, Sara Lazenby, John Lease, Marsha Mailick, Jocelyn Milner, Mo Noonan Bischof, Tim Norris, Scott Owczarek, Rebecca Ring, Patrick Sims, Wren Singer, Steve Smith, Beth Warner