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January 16, 2014

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DATE: January 16, 2014


Rebecca Blank (Chancellor) Herbert Chen (Biological Sciences)
Martin Cadwallader (Graduate School) LD Oakley (University Committee Appointee)
Laura A. Dunek (Associated Students of Madison) Seth Blair (University Committee Appointee)
Jo Ellen Fair (University Committee Representative) John Karl Scholz  (Administrative Appointee)
Mark Seidenberg (Social Studies) Ramon Aldag (University Committee Appointee)
Robert (Rob) Glenn Howard (Arts and Humanities) Jeff Shokler (Academic Staff Appointee)
Darryl Thelen (University Committee Appointee) Mark Eriksson (Physical Sciences)

UW Madison Crest


FROM:     Paul M. DeLuca, Jr. (Chair)

RE:          THURSDAY, January 16, 2014 UAPC Meeting – 350 BASCOM HALL, 3:30 – 5:00pm

(pdf copy of agenda suitable for printing)

Your attendance is important.   Please let me or Jocelyn Milner know if you will be late or absent.

1.     Welcome, introductions, opening announcements.


2.     Automatic Consent – Minutes of the December 19, 2013, meeting.  UAPC Doc 2014.01.16.01


3.     New named option, Plant Biology, associated with the Biology major, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and College of Letters & Science.  Presenters: Sarah Pfatteicher, associate dean, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences; Donna Fernandez, co-director of the Biology major and professor of Botany; Heidi Goodrich-Blair, co-director of the Biology major and professor of Bacteriology;  Irwin Goldman, director of the Plant Biology option and professor of Horticulture.  For reference, guidelines for preparing option proposals are attached.  (Note on program review: The most recent Biology major review was completed in 2012-13.  Reviews for Agronomy, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, and Botany have all been completed in the past 10 years.)  UAPC Doc 2014.01.16.02, UAPC Doc 2014.01.16.03

4.     Suspend admissions to the CALS International Certificate, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.  Presenter:  Sarah Pfatteicher, associate dean, CALS.  Programs that have admissions suspended have a three-year window to either advance a proposal to reopen or to be discontinued. We may want to set an earlier date for this program to provide a follow-up report.  (Note on program review: The certificate was implemented in 2008 and is due for its first review in 2013-14.) UAPC Doc 2014.01.16.04

5.     Full proposal for a new BS-Physical Education, Department of Kinesiology, School of Education.  Presenters:  David Rosenthal, associate dean, School of Education; Dorothy Edwards, chair, Department of Kinesiology; Ann Ward, program director, Physical Education Program.  The notice of intent for this program was approved by UAPC on February 21, 2013.  After UAPC approval, proposals for new degree/major programs go to the Board of Regents for approval.  (Note on program review: The BS-Kinesiology program was formally reviewed in 2005-06 and currently has a review underway.) UAPC Doc 2014.01.16.05

6.     Notice of Intent for a new Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Department of Kinesiology, School of Education.  Presenters:  David Rosenthal, associate dean, School of Education; Dorothy Edwards, chair, Department of Kinesiology;  Ruth Benedict, program director, Occupational Therapy Program.  The proposal was approved by the Graduate Faculty Executive Committee on November 8, 2013.  A memo providing feedback from the GFEC meeting is appended to the proposal. This program is proposed as a distance-delivered program that will be supported by program-revenue.  (Note on program review: the MS-Occupational Therapy, implemented in 2007-08, underwent a five year review in 2011-12.)  UAPC Doc 2014.01.16.06

7.     Discontinuation of the BS-Medical Sciences major.  Presenter:  Karl Scholz, dean of the College of Letters and Science.  UAPC Doc 2014.01.16.07

8.     Administrative revisions to the Guidelines for For-Credit Certificate Programs.  Presenter: Jocelyn Milner, director of Academic Planning and Institutional Research.  UAPC Doc 2014.01.16.08


9.     Division of International Studies’ Advisory Board Report and Recommendations.  Presenter: David McDonald, professor of History and chair of the Division of International Studies Advisory Board; Guido Podesta, interim director of the Division of International Studies.  We will discuss the Advisory Board’s recommendations in response to the Ad Hoc Committee’s April 17, 2013, report to Examine Governance Structure and Organization of UW-Madison’s Division of International Studies.  UAPC Doc 2014.01.16.09


Meeting Schedule for 2013-14 (all meetings 3:30-5pm, 350 Bascom Hall)

 February 20, March 27 (4th Thursday),

April 17, May 8 (2nd Thursday),

June 23 (4th Monday).

Agenda materials and policy documents are posted at  UAPC Meeting Dates and Deadlines for Submitting Material




Copies: Ann Ward, Jeff Hamm, David Rosenthal, Dorothy Edwards, Ruth Benedict, Sarah Pfatteicher, Irwin Goldman, Donna Fernandez, Heidi Goodrich-Blair, David McDonald

Deans:  Lori Berquam, Robert Golden, Mark Markel, Katharyn May, François Ortalo-Magné, Guido Podesta, Margaret Raymond, Paul Robbins, Jeanette Roberts, Ian Robertson, Jeff Russell, Soyeon Shim, Kathryn VandenBosch, Julie Underwood

Also:  Teresa Adams, Heather Daniels, Cathy Easter, Toni Good, Steve Hahn, Margaret Harrigan, Kelly Haslam, Clare Huhn, William Heiss, Phil Hull, Eden Inoway-Ronnie, Elaine Klein, Sara Lazenby, Jennifer Martin (Grad School), Jocelyn Milner, Mo Noonan Bischof, Tim Norris, Stephanie Olivas (for Herbert Chen), Chris Olsen, Scott Owczarek, Rebecca R. Ring (Admissions), Doug Rose, Patrick Sims, Wren Singer, Steve Stern, Beth Warner, Michelle Young.