Program Review

UW–Madison has a long history of conducting regular reviews of academic programs. The purpose of program review is to examine strengths and challenges, to celebrate accomplishments, and to reflect on, and plan for, the future. The first review for new academic programs (i.e., degrees/majors, certificates, and named options) is required approximately five years after implementation. After the initial five-year review, every academic program must complete a review at least once every ten years. New graduate programs will also be contacted by the Graduate School three years after program implementation and asked to complete a Three-Year Check-In document to be reviewed by the Graduate Faculty Executive Committee (GFEC). The university’s official program review policy, in its entirety, is available in the UW-Madison Policy Library.

Program Review KnowledgeBase Library

APIR has collected a full series of program review-related KnowledgeBase (KB) documents into the Program Review KB Topic Library. Included within these documents is:

  • An overview of program review,
  • The step-by-step process for five- and ten-year reviews,
  • Program review templates (e.g., committee charge memo, self-study report, review committee report, etc.),
  • Current and past program review reports,
  • Select resources to support program review,
  • Program review presentation and webinar materials/recordings,
  • School/college and university program review contacts,
  • And more.

Program Review Status Tracker

APIR has created a Program Review Status Tracker to help schools/colleges stay current on the status of program review within their departments. By accessing the Status tab of the Google Sheet, it is possible to search by school/college, department, program, and/or review status and see the status of any/all program reviews taking place. This includes not only the university’s mandated five/ten-year reviews, but also the Graduate Faculty Executive Committee (GFEC) Three-Year Check-In and accreditation reviews (as applicable).