About Us

Academic Planning and Institutional Research (APIR) is a unit of the Office of The Provost

-Supports strategic, academic, and budgetary planning and decision making through analytics, including the presentation, and distribution of relevant and timely information, policy analyses, and projections of future trends.
-Prepares comparative analyses of UW-Madison to peer institutions as a context for planning.
-Responds to internal and external requests for analytic information about UW-Madison’s academic people, programs, structures, and curriculum.
-Facilitates the flow of information regarding academic-related governance processes among the Provost’s Office, UW System Administration and Board of Regents, and UW-Madison administrative offices; supports the University Curriculum Committee and University Academic Planning Council.
-Provides leadership to the UW-Madison business intelligence efforts, including the Tableau Server project.

APIR Staff

Jocelyn Milner — Director and Vice Provost, 608 263-5658.
(Preferred contact is via email, jocelyn.milner@wisc.edu )

Jocelyn was appointed as director of APIR in 2003.  associate provost in 2008, and vice provost of Academic Affairs in 2016. She reports to the provost and oversees the work of APIR. Contact her for matters related to academic planning and program review, academic policy as it pertains to the University Academic Planning Council, and data management and analytics for campus.

Jocelyn is the UW-Madison’s primary rep to the AAU Data Exchange (AAUDE); she served as a member of the AAUDE Council from 2012 to 2015 and as Council chair in 2013-14.

Jocelyn is UW-Madison’s accreditation liaison officer to the Higher Learning Commission and serves as director of the UW-Madison 2019 Accreditation Project.

For Jocelyn’s professional profile see:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/jocelynmilner

Margaret Harrigan — Distinguished Policy and Planning Analyst, 608 263-7141. Primary topic areas:
Faculty and staff issues, including pay equity, employment trends over time, faculty compression-equity and post-promotion review, and tenure data
Undergraduate student surveys including the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
Working with the Human Resources System EPM Advisory Team to improve data access and reliability in the HRS data warehouse
Committee participation: Committee on Women in the University; Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute (WISELI)

Clare Huhn — Distinguished Policy and Planning Analyst, 608 265-9276. Primary topic areas:
Undergraduate admissions and admission-related analyses such as access and the enrollment pipeline
Financial aid trends
Course achievement gaps and undergraduate course success, including academic advising
Retention and graduation patterns/rates
Enrollment modeling
Budget reallocation project, budget models
Credits Follow the Instructor (CFI) data system and related reporting and analyses
Liaison to UW System Administration for data-related issues (CDR Liaison for UW-Madison)
Coordinating the activities of the Data Integrity Group (DIG), an advisory group to the InfoAccess data warehouse
Committee participation: Information Technology Committee (ITC); Undergraduate General Education Committee (UGEC); Crossroads; Undergraduate Recruitment, Admission, and Financial Aid (CURAFA)

Allison La Tarte — Associate Director of Institutional Research, 608 890-4701. Primary topic areas:
Accountability reporting
Academic Analytics
Faculty recruiting and new hires; faculty retention and outside offers
AAUP faculty salaries
Department Planning Profiles
Comparisons of graduate assistant stipends

Sara Lazenby — Senior Policy and Planning Analyst, 608 263-5945. Primary topic areas:
Degree and certificate trends
Comparisons of administrative salary peer data
Coordinating the First Destination Survey
Maintaining the Academic Plan Attributes and Academic Subplan Attributes data views in the InfoAccess data warehouse
Primary contact for data submission to publishers guides and rankings surveys
Committee participation: Campus Diversity and Climate Committee (CDCC), Career Services Executive Council, Career Services Data and Assessment Team, Career Services Internship Working Group

Michelle Young — Academic Planner, 608 262-2143. Primary topic areas:
Course Approval Process
Support on academic planning and academic policy
Lumen Courses and Lumen Programs expert

Catherine Breuer — Associate Policy and Planning Analyst
Data Digest
Accountability Reporting

Melissa Schultz — Associate Academic Planner
Academic Structure
Lumen Courses and Lumen Programs
Academic program curricular changes and Guide interaction
Support for University Curriculum Committee
Back up support for University Academic Planning Council

Nicole Wiessinger – Academic Planner
Academic program proposals, including new program proposals
Program review
Support for University Academic Planning Council
Back up support for University Curriculum Committee

Former APIR Colleagues

Sarah KubaBiology Major Program Manager, UW-Madison

McKinney Austin – Interim Director of the Office of Data Management and Analytic Services, UW-Madison

Martha Casey — Emerita Assistant Vice Chancellor – View Martha’s Bio and Vitae

Bruce Beck — Senior Policy and Planning Analyst (Emeritus) – View Bruce’s retirement notice