Fast Facts

The Fast Facts publication is a small, pocket-sized brochure providing an overview of facts about the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Fast Facts is intended to be a companion of the annual Data Digest, and contains a selection of facts and statistics from the full digest.  The content of the Fast Facts brochure is available below.  If you are in need of pamphlets, please Contact Us for assistance.

University Chancellor: Rebecca Blank (

Number of Schools and Colleges: 13
Fall 2014 Average Undergraduate Class Size: 29
2014-15 Annual Student Credit Hours: 1,084,939

 Fall 2014 Headcount Enrollment

Undergraduate 29,580

Wisconsin Resident 18,237

Minnesota Reciprocity 3,064

Other Non-Resident 8,279

Graduate 9,247

Special 2,082

Clinical Doctorate 2,480

Total 43,389


New Freshmen (Fall 2015)

Applicants 32,780

Admits 16,121

Enrolled Students 6,270

Admit Rate 49.2%

Yield Rate 38.9%

Average ACT Score 28.7


2013-14 International Study Abroad Participants  2,276


2014-15 Degrees Awarded

Bachelor's 6,902

Master's 2,134

Research Doctorate 855

Clinical Doctorate 651


Average Undergraduate Time to Degree

Elapsed Calendar Years 4.13


Undergraduate Retention and Graduation Rates

1st-Year Retention Rate 95.8%

4-Year Graduation Rate 60.3%

6-Year Graduation Rate 85.1%


Academic Year 2015-16 Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate Resident $10,416

Ranks 7th among Big Ten publics


Undergraduate Non-Resident $29,665

Ranks 7th among Big Ten publics


Expected Total Cost of Attendance for Undergraduates in 2015-16

Residents $24,736

Non-Residents $43,985


Fall 2015 Faculty and Staff Head Count

Faculty 2,205

Executive/Administration 458

Instructional Academic Staff 2,367

Other Academic Staff 5,423

University Staff 5,041

Employees-in-Training 934

Graduate Assistants 5,180

Total 21,608


NSF Research Expenditures (FY 2014)

Total Research Expenditures $1,108.6M

Federally Funded Expenditures $548.4M

Non-Federal Expenditures $560.2M

National Research Expenditure Rank 4th

Big Ten Research Expenditure Rank 2nd


Technology Transfer (Number in FY 2014)

U.S. Patents Issued 166

Licenses and Options Yielding Income 454

Licensing Income $43.4M

UW Foundation (FY 2014)

Total Endowment $2,318.5M

Payments to/for UW-Madison $246.7M

Wisconsin Alumni Association

Total Living Alumni 427,996


Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Total Endowment (FY 2015) $2,683.3M

Expenditures (FY 2014) $59.4M


2015-16 Budget

State Appropriations $442.8M (15%)

Student Tuition Revenue $517.4M (18%)

Federal Programs $884.3M (30%)

Gifts, Grants, & Seg. Fees $511.7M (18%)

State Laboratory Fees $28.3M (1%)

Auxiliary Enterprises $384.2M (13%)

Operations Receipts $131.8M (5%)

Total $2,900.5M (100%)


Inventory of Land Acres

Main Campus 936

Arboretum 1,262

Experimental farms and stations 5,842

Off-campus properties 1,607

Total 9,647